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Portable and Modular Cabins FAQs

During the course of our day to day business, we often get asked the same questions time and again. Here are answers to the most common. Please contact us if any of your questions are not covered.

Warranty & Maintenance

Yes! We offer twelve months warranty active from the date the product is dispatched from our
factory. Please read our terms and conditions for further details.

If you require a visit from our site team, please report this to quality@newspace.co.uk. When
logging a call out request please ensure you have the cabins Newspace serial number and the site
address to hand.

Like any contained space portable buildings have a risk of condensation, however there are plenty of ways to minimise this and we’re happy to report it isnt a common problem for our cabins.

Condensation occurs when the internal air temperature rises during the day and the warm air
absorbs moisture. When the air cools (usually overnight) it can no longer hold the high levels of
vapor and is released as water droplets, forming condensation.

To reduce the risk of condensation our cabins can be fitted with vents to balance internal and
external air temperature, and insulation to prevent condensation forming.

You can lessen the possibility of condensation by regularly refreshing the internal air by opening doors or windows. This helps to circulate airflow and prevent moisture build up.  In high humidity environments such as drying rooms dehumidifiers are recommended.

All our portable buildings are tested by a qualified electrician before they leave NewSpace. However there is a possibility that components may be disturbed in transport and so it is important you arrange for your cabin to be retested on delivery.

Regulations & Planning

You will need to obtain planning permission for any building that will be located in the same position for more than 28 days. We advise you liaise with the relevant local authority to review as regulations can vary by area.

You do not need building regulations approval for many exempt projects that utilise our Self
Contained products. Advice can be sought on the following Website: https://www.gov.uk/building-

Industry Terminology & Definitions

Modular construction is a process where a building is constructed off-site in a controlled factory
setting, before being transported to site for assembly and install.

A modular building is a prefabricated building that consists of multiple sections or modules, which
are constructed offsite in controlled factory conditions. The sections are easily transportable and so are delivered and joined together onsite to create one interconnecting structure.

Generally, a portable building refers to any structure which is built to be readily relocatable opposed to permanently encapsulated on site.  They are also referred to as 'portable cabins'.

Prefabricated buildings, also known as ‘prefabs,’ are buildings that are constructed off-site in a
factory and when completed are transported to site for install. Both portable buildings and modular
buildings fall into the category of prefabricated buildings.

Planning permission defines ‘temporary’ as anything situated for less than 28 days although we
always advise you speak with your local council to review.

To put it simply an anti-vandal cabin is a portable building which is manufactured with additional
security features to help deter break ins. They are ideal for unsecured premises like construction sites, as they provide a higher degree of security than "standard" cabins.

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