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modular toilet facilities

Portable Toilets

NewSpace manufactures a wide selection of standard and bespoke toilet facilities, including a range of standalone or mains portable toilets that connect directly to the mains sewer system.

All are manufactured to a high level and with the expected fixtures and fittings included as standard.

A full range

  • 2+1 – 12 ft length x 9ft width

  • 3+1 – 16 ft lenght x 9ft width

  • 4+1 – 21ft lenght x 9ft width

  • 4+2 – 24ft length x 9ft width

  • 6+1 – 32ft lenght x 10ft width

  • 6+1+Shower – 32ft length x 10ft width

  • 8 – 32ft lenght x 10ft width

32x10 toilet block
8 metre toilet block 7small 1

Bespoke Layout

If you have a specific layout requirement we can design and manufacture to your needs.

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