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Solutions – EPC B Rated Cabins

Newspace EPC B Rated Cabins

Here at Newspace we understand the importance of protecting the environment and we are committed to improving our products for both the planet and our customers. The need for more sustainable, eco portable buildings is undisputed and is why we developed our EPC B rated range.

Our EPC B rated cabins are designed with energy efficiency at their core and consider; insulation, lighting, and heating elements to reduce carbon footprint, and lower energy costs.

What is an EPC Rating?

‘An As Designed’ Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is intended to inform the buildings potential owners or potential occupants about the design energy efficiency of a building. The ‘As Designed’ EPC features an asset rating which is based on the design performance of the building itself (the fabric) and its services (such as heating, cooling, lighting, etc).

How we do it


Insulation is an integral component in achieving the EPC B rating and helps to create a warm, comfortable space that retains heat & reduces the risk of condensation. Each surface of the internal steel shell is insulated slightly differently for optimum thermal efficiency.

Roof: Spray foam covers the internal steel ceiling, followed by an air gap and then Celotex insulation. All elements are enclosed behind plasterboard to achieve 0.25 w/m2.

Floor: Steel bearers are covered with a layer of Celotex insulation, ply & vinyl to achieve 0.282 w/m2.

Wall: Steel sides are enveloped in spray foam, Celotex insulation and internally faced with plasterboard to achieve 0.259 w/m2.


Windows play a significant role in the heat retention of a building, and consequently the energy efficiency rating so all our EPC B units are fitted with double glazing. Our windows have a U value rating of 1.4.


LEDs are estimated to consume 80-90% less energy than incandescent or halogen light bulbs and have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. This makes them more energy efficient, sustainable, and cost effective than their counterparts and is why we fit them in our EPC B rated units. Our lights also feature an integrated microwave motion sensor for automation of lighting when the presence of motion is detected.


Electric convector panel heaters with local time and temperature controls ensure your heating is only on when necessary, reducing carbon footprint and lowering costs. (Overall seasonal efficiency of 100%.) Where higher performance is required for Welfare layouts Air Sourced Heat pumps are used.

Air Permeability

Overall welded and sealed construction achieves 5.0 m3/h.

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