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Portable Office Buildings

Solutions - Portable Offices

Office staff spend most of their working life inside and we understand that the physical office environment can directly influence their productivity. That’s why all our portable office buildings are created with your employees’ needs and business requirements at the forefront of the design for maximised functionality and efficiency.

Internal office configurations fall into two main categories: open or closed plan. The right option for your business depends on your office goals as each foster different styles of working.

Open Plan

Our open plan offices make the most of all available space and encourage interaction between employees for effective communication, and collaborative working. The lack of dividers lets plenty of natural light in for a bright, airy space which is also cost effective as more heads can be accommodated per square foot.

Closed Offices

Our closed, or cellular offices, encourage individual working and are separated by stud walls. This helps to keep noise levels to a minimum and provides vital privacy for those working on confidential documents.


All Newspace Offices can be manufactured as standalone cabins, modular or portable buildings, and have the capability to be combined, (stacked or linked) with toilets, canteens, & dryers for complete welfare facilities on site.

Features & Facilities

Every Newspace Office is truly bespoke to your requirements, and are equipped with all the necessities for a functional workspace:

  • Electrical data fixtures and fittings
  • Workstations
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • EPC B Rating
  • Anti-vandal shutters to keep documents and equipment safe

Our portable buildings are built to last and are designed to thrive in any environment. Whether it requires specialist paint to weather seaside conditions or external plates for branding and advertising we’re confident we can create a unit that’s purpose-built and integrates seamlessly with any location and its conditions. The versatility and integrity of our units means they are incredibly portable structures and can be easily relocated if needed.

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