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Self Contained Welfare Units

Welfare units; improving workers wellbeing and site safety.

Custom built to suit your requirements, Newspace welfare units offer a self-contained, portable solution to provide your workforce with all the necessary facilities for their well-being and comfort.

Our welfares are standalone, relocatable, low maintenance, and can be designed to suit the size and needs of your project, making them a popular solution for servicing a variety of industry sectors.

Features and benefits
  • Self-Contained: Our welfare units can be completely self-contained, requiring no external connections for power or water. The unit comes with its own generator, water, and waste tank, the ideal solution for new or remote sites without mains infrastructure.
  • Versatile: Our units are fully bespoke, and can be manufactured with separate areas for rest, changing, and washing. Including offices, canteens, restrooms and dryers.
  • Comfortable: The units feature heating, hot water supply, and air ventilation, ensuring a comfortable environment for your workforce in all weather conditions.
  • Anti-vandal: The units are built to be highly secure, with lockable personnel doors and shuttered windows, ensuring the safety of your equipment and workforce even in exposed locations.
  • Easy to maintain: Our welfare units are designed to be low maintenance, with wipe-clean surfaces and easy-to-use controls for the generator, water tank, and waste tank.
  • Durable: Newspace use high-quality, robust materials, designed to withstand the rigours of daily use on construction sites and other demanding locations.
  • Stackable: Tight for space? Our welfare units are designed to be compatible with other units from our range allowing for stacking. We can also provide the necessary ancillaries, like stairs and twistlocks for a complete solution.

At Newspace, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, innovative solutions for their on-site requirements. Our self-contained Welfare Units are just one example of our dedication to meeting the needs of our customers.

Whilst aiding workers well-being, welfare facilities are also a legal requirement for construction sites and must have provisions for; sanitary conveniences, washing facilities, drinking water, changing rooms and lockers and rest areas. (Find out more by following the link below.)

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