the small things that will make you more comfortable,


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    From the small things that will make you more comfortable with the big things that will bring a building safe and secure – individualise your NewSpace temporary structure with NewSpace Accessories.

    • Aluminium Sliding Windows and Steel
    • Kirncroft Security Doors - Left and Right
    • Vented Doors
    • Automatic Door Closures
    • Kirncroft Security Locks
    • High Security ‘Bradbury’ Doors
    • Kirncroft Security Suited Keys
    • High-level chain guide and ladder support
    • Low-level lifting shackles
    • Double Secure Store Doors
    • Under Unit Service Tank available in many sizes
    • Steel Stairs and Hand Rails
    • UPVC Windows
    • Jack legs and brackets
    • Twist Locks
    • Optional Rounded Corners
    • Low-Level Lifting Eyes

    Aluminium sliding windowsDouble Secure DoorsKirncroft SecurityVented DoorsStairs

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